Collective Academy is rethinking higher education.

We are transforming Latin America’s talent landscape by: 1) accelerating the career of young professionals and middle managers, increasing their productivity and developing them to become lifelong learners and 2) helping their organizations become a place where these professionals want to thrive.

We expertly tailor your education to master the right skills, accelerate your professional growth and help you succeed in your personal life. With each program, we look to strengthen the Collective Community. Our goal is to bring together top professionals to connect them with experienced mentors and learn more about business and technology with a strong emphasis on life skills and current affairs. We want you if you are an independent thinker, creative, a team player, a problem-solver, humble, and want to accelerate your career.





What we do

Master of Business & Technology

The world's best universities in one program.

The MBT is a part-time, 13-month long program designed with applicability in mind. Combining prestigious sources, its curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends with input from industry leaders.

Guidance is provided not by academics, but by mentors who ensure that the content translates to highly relevant skills and tools thanks to their required involvement in the subject matter.

With the flexibility that coworking spaces provide, new cohorts respond to location needs of the students and open continuously to accommodate demand. Since 2016, 13 generations have joined Collective Academy to accelerate their careers.

Continuous Learning (Executive Education)

The bridge between the present and the future of your organization.

Future-proof your team with cutting-edge content delivered according to your company's needs.

Along with dissecting the latest trends, Collective Academy's Continuous Learning programs are designed to foster intrapreneurship within organizations to encourage innovation.

Soft skill development lies at the heart of the programs, setting the ground for successful management of the challenges that an exponential world poses to the modern-day enterprise.

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