Collective Academy: Latin America's challenger university.

We are an academic institution rethinking higher education, teaching business, technology, emotional intelligence and global trends. 

The educational experience is carefully tailored so students master the right skills to accelerate their growth and succeed in their professional life. 

Our flagship product is our Masters in Business and Technology, an 18-month masters program both online and in person. 

Our Enterprise Training programs bring this cutting edge education to develop talent at corporations. 

And our newest program, Compass, supports university aged students to explore professions, gain professional skills, and set goals for a rewarding career path.

Aprende de los líderes en la industria

Collective Academy, junto con su red de mentores, está conformado por expertos en Educación Superior, edutech, psicología y emprendimiento.

Somos parte de la vida de más de 250 alumnos y tres mil ejecutivos en desarrollo, formando una comunidad de alrededor de 3,500 miembros.

Our purpose

Connect lifelong learners with the collective knowledge to re-invent the future of Latin America.

How we do it?

1. Curating content from world-class institutions and universities.

2. Immersing you into a cohort-based live learning experience.

3. Bringing you practical relevant applications from real-world leaders.

Be a part of Latin America's leading business & technology community

We are part of a network of more than 400 students and 4,000 executives, learners, mentors, entrepreneurs and investors building the future of Latin America.

Our backgrounds are in talent development, education, psychology and entrepreneurship.


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