Well ... I definitely do and I´ve never experienced an encounter with this souls in my life; and hopefully will never do ... and if it those happen, that would mean that you´ll see me in my very soon funeral (as a ghost).

The funny thing is the big WHY ... why would I believe something like this?  And the answer is simple, my beautiful mind has created this "ghost manual" with all the patterns I´ve learned so far...

Have you ever...

  1. Felt like someone is breathing cold air in the back of your neck?
  2. Felt like things in your house move around?
  3. Felt weird vibes in special places?
  4. Heard voices whispering in an empty house, school or work space?

Well ... for me "all the above" refer me to sn "oh FU%&/ ... GHOSTS".

Everytime I get a sense of any of the above happening I use my survival skills and move fast from that dangerous spot.

It´s weird to think how we believe in weird things. But, if  we go deep into the subject, it´s plain and easy ... We´ve created this patterns in our everyday lives that allows us to survive if we identify that we are in a dangerous spot.

Michael Shermer makes this point clear with the next analogy:

Imagine you are a zebra having an amazing picnic with your girlfriends. An suddenly while grazing with style .... you hear a noise in the plants near you.

What will your first thought be?

Oh... maybe is Santa Claus?

or one of my friends playing shark?

NO, really ... if you take a true and real guess you would surely think of  a lion, a tiger or any other predator that would love to brunch you.

You have two choices:

  1. Trust you instincts and run as fast as you can ... or faster than your girlfriends!
  2. Or, trust is just the wind and you should totally stay and continue to enjoy your picnic.

One of this is two choices is the right one. Shermer, explains that we always go through this moments in life and we always have a choice. The idea is to analyze quickly, listen to our intuiton and use our brains!

Being extreme and overreacting in every occasion may lead to become a hypohondriac. And well... on the other end you get eaten; that is surely worst!

Here a TED talk video about decision making:

So, choose wisely!

My take on this article.

I think it also works on how we take advantage of signs of opportunities that appear in our lives ... we have to become craft makers of our own connections and take what makes us grow and keep our feet in the ground.

Thank you for reading me,

Maria Albarrán

Calle Bahía de Sta. Bárbara 145,
Verónica Anzúres, Miguel Hidalgo,
11300 Ciudad de México,
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